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The Brussels cabbage The Brussels cabbage

It will compliment the refined taste to Your dishes and make them original.

Content: brussels cabbage

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Brokoli Brokoli

Add brokoli to vegetable soup or in hot lettuce with a leguminous kidney bean, bacon, cheese and nuts and you will fall in love with its taste.

Content: brokoli

Pack weight, (gr): 400

A green pea A green pea

Young, juicy, with sweetish taste…

Content: a green pea

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Mushrooms cut Mushrooms cut

Are you keen on the European kitchen? Fragrant mushrooms will help you to realize any culinary fantasy whatever you prepared: picca, julienne or stuffed hen.

Content: mushrooms

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Kidney bean the leguminous Kidney bean the leguminous

Juicy young kidney bean will adorn any food: from outages of the fried eggs to borsch.

Content: leguminous kidney bean

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Pepper green Pepper green

Fresh, bright and delicious pepper will make any dish tasty.

Content: bulgarian pepper

Pack weight, (gr): 400

A cauliflower A cauliflower

Add it to the morning fried eggs or easy vegetable soup.

Content: a cauliflower

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Vegetable mixes

Vegetables po-selyanski Vegetables po-selyanski

This is the perfect dish which can be prepared for 10 minutes. The vegetables po-selyanski have an especially pleasant taste, if you add spices and sour cream sauce to them.

Content: potato, mushrooms, sweet pepper, green pea, cauliflower, carrot, marrow, bow

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Soup with meat-balls Soup with meat-balls

Successful combination of vegetables and meat. It will become your best friend in cases, when you do not have spare time to prepare dinner, but you want to make delicious food for your family.

Content: meat-balls, potato, sweet pepper, carrot, broccoli, bow

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Soup from a cauliflower Soup from a cauliflower

Add it to the first dishes and you will not only improve their taste but also will enrich your menu with vitamins.

Content: cauliflower, carrot, green pea, pepper, bow

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Tsar Tsar

It is universal mixture, which can be added to lettuces, soups, or even be an independent dish, if you add a bit spices and tomato to it.

Content: cauliflower, carrot, broccoli

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Vegetables to the fried eggs Vegetables to the fried eggs

Ideally befit for rapid and useful breakfast. Do the morning fried eggs special!

Content: meat-balls, potato, sweet pepper, carrot, broccoli, bow

Pack weight, (gr): 400

A potato po-selyanski A potato po-selyanski

It is the best garnish for any meat food. Taste it with «Tsar's mixture» with catchup.

Content: potato, bow, agaric, garlic

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Spring mixture Spring mixture

Add some spring palette in Your lettuce, soup or invent a new dish. Spring mixture ideally befits for culinary creation.

Content: leguminous kidney bean, cabbage brussels, cauliflower, carrot, bow

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Hawaiian mixture Hawaiian mixture

It is as easy as anything and prepares quickly. Add a piece of desi or sauce and enjoy taste.

Content: rise, pepper, corn, green pea

Pack weight, (gr): 400

A green pea and carrot A green pea and carrot

It is the delicious adding to the first dishes.

Content: green pea, carrot

Pack weight, (gr): 400

A stew vegetable A stew vegetable

Perfect dinner for your family and you. Taste it with tomato juice or sauce.

Content: tomatoes, leguminous kidney bean, sweet pepper, broccoli, potato, carrot, bow

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Soup with forest mushrooms Soup with forest mushrooms

Has an unique aroma and truly mushroom taste. Taste the mushrooms of different kinds, tints and forms, enjoy the gifts of the forest.

Content: cep, chanterelle, agaric, potato, carrot, bow

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Mixture mexican Mixture mexican

Add a bit tomatoes and black pepper to this mixture and it will become the most original dish on your table.

Content: pepper, corn, dark kidney bean, carrot, pea, bow

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Soup with mushrooms Soup with mushrooms

This is the autumn bouquet of vegetables, which has a perfect taste.

Content: mushrooms, broccoli, sweet pepper, potato, carrot, bow

Pack weight, (gr): 400

Mixture with rice and mushrooms Mixture with rice and mushrooms

Remarkable garnish which can be complemented by a sour cream sauce and greenery.

Content: yellow rise, pea, agaric, corn, carrot

Pack weight, (gr): 400


A blackberry A blackberry

It is the wonderful source of vitamin C, especially in winter. Add a currant to baking, or drinks, and you will feel summer taste.

Content: a blackberry

Pack weight, (gr): 300

Cherry without stone Cherry without stone

There is nothing more delicious than pies and dumplings with cherries. Indulge your family with juicy ripe berries.

Content: cherry

Pack weight, (gr): 300

Strawberry Strawberry

Wrap up it in bliny, adorn honey and creams, or add a few berries in fruit jelly and your friends will be in raptures.

Content: strawberry

Pack weight, (gr): 300

Fruit mixture Fruit mixture

With delicious juicy berries a summer will always be in your house. Fruit mixture will have unique taste with baking, ice-cream and creams.

Content: cherry, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, weathering

Pack weight, (gr): 300

Potatoes Fried

Potato Fri Slices in the skin Potato Fri Slices in the skin

Add a bit spices and enjoy potato chips.

Content: potatoes, oil

Pack weight, (gr): 500

Potato Fri Straw Potato Fri Straw

You have nowhere to go...Your favourite potato will be cooked for the counted minutes.

Content: potatoes, oil

Pack weight, (gr): 1000

Potato Fri Figured Potato Fri Figured

Variety of forms, which ideally combines with ketchup and spices.

Content: potatoes, oil

Pack weight, (gr): 1000