прокол ушей киев в Киеве


ТМ   “Darus” — the Ukrainian manufacturer of frozen vegetables, berries and vegetable quality mixes from the national manufacturer. We offer you a wide choice of tasty and useful frozen products under reasonable prices. The assortment ТМ of “Darus”: the cauliflower, the b russels sprout, the broccoli, the siliculose string bean, the peas, the b ulgarian pepper, the string bean, mushrooms, the potato, berries (cherry, strawberry, black currant, bilberry), vegetable mixes (soups a nd ragout) and this is not full list.

Using the method of shock frost ing we make our vegetables and berries keep th eir form , taste and vitamins. Besides, you will be pleasantly surprised by the speed of preparation of our vegetables. They not only will decorate your table, but also will help you and your relatives to be healthy and always keep yourself in a perfect form.

ТМ  “ Darus has entered the market in 2003 and belongs to the Company “EuroDnepr” . Our trade mark is very popular all over Ukraine. Production of ТМ  “ Darus won a bronze medal at an exhibition Products   2005 in Moscow, after that in 2007, 2008 and 2009 it became the winner of the competition festival “ Choice   of  the  year . In 2006 ТМ  “ Darus has received the award for the best preview trailer on the Ukrainian advertising festival.

We don t stop on reached and we constantly expand production assortment , so at any time of the year you can buy for yor family fresh vegetables and berries, crea ting new dishes and enjoying new tastes.