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Can nutrients in fruits and vegetables be lost during freezing?

Nutrients in produce are generally NOT lost during freezing (and canning) and they provide the same essential nutrients and health benefits as fresh.

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3 myths about the frozen vegetables

FIRST MYTH. Frozen vegetables haven’t as many nutrients as fresh vegetables. TRUE. Common sense might lead us to believe that fresh fruits and vegetables would be far more nutritious than their frozen counterparts. Although this is generally accepted, did you know that fresh produce is picked, boxed, often transported over long distances and then left to sit on store shelves for up to several weeks?

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Fruit and vegetable facts

Cherry — stabilizes work of the heart, calms the unhinged nervous system, improves mood and vital tone, improves an appetite and sleeping. Cherry contains matters, which stop senescence and destruction of cages, and restore the immune system to an ideal state.

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