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Fruit and vegetable facts


Stabilizes work of the heart, calms the unhinged nervous system, improves mood and vital tone , improves an appetite and sleeping . Cherry contains matters, which stop senescence and destruction of cages, and restore the immune system to an ideal state . It  improves an appetite, accelerates the digestion and helps to break up fat s, clears liver and protects your heart .

Kidney bean

Makes your skin, hair and nails beautiful and healthy , l owers the level of cholesterol . Kidney bean c ombats cancer , st abilizes blood sugar and prevents constipation .


Strengthens bones, saves eyesight , c ontrols blood pressure and combats cancer . It is recommended for people with cardiac insufficiency and disorders of the nervous system .


Slow the processes of senescence , p revents constipation and promotes weight loss .

Cabbage helps at illnesses of stomach, gall-bladder, duodenum, high blood pressure, and it also i mproves work of heart, helps at anemia and heart diseases .


Combats cancer, stabilizes blood sugar , boosts memory , protects your heart and prevents constipation .


Saves eyesight , p romotes weight loss , s tabilizes blood sugar  and strengthens bones. Carrots lo wers the level of cholesterol and makes your skin, hair and nails beautiful and healthy .


Helps at illnesses of kidneys , c ombats scurvy and helps to scare ulcers and lowers blood pressure. It r enders a salutary action at gastritis and promoted acidity .

In the tubers of potatoes discovered tuberozin, killing a tubercular stick .


Lower the level of cholesterol , c ombat cancer  and protect your heart. Mushrooms p romote weight loss , s trengthen the nervous system, improve your skin and mucous membranes .

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