Can nutrients in fruits and vegetables be lost during freezing?

Nutrients in produce are generally NOT lost during freezing (and canning) and they provide the same essential nutrients and health benefits as fresh. Another bonus of going frozen is that it’s often less expensive than their fresh counterparts. Though fresh fruits and veggies may be more visually appealing and taste better, they don’t last as long in your fridge and may not be the most nutritious. Somebody says that freezing harms vegetables, as does putting them in the freezer at home. Freezing is an industrial process in which the temperature at the core of the vegetable is lowered quickly without harming the cell structure. Your freezer at home stabilizes food in the condition it happens to be in. A home freezer lowers the temperature relatively slowly (it takes an average of 24 hours). This can have a negative effect on the cell structure because large ice crystals are formed in the cells. As a result, it is important to keep the time between the freezer cabinet in the store and the freezer compartment at home as short as possible.

In winter, any fruits and vegetables are better than none at all. Just remember:

• Buy fresh produce in season and buy local when possible;

• Buy non-seasonal produce frozen (if possible);

• Even using canned fruits and veggies without added salt or sugar is also a good choice;

Here are some great ways to include fruits and veggies into your daily routine:

• Buy a variety of fruits and vegetables (choose a wide range of colors!) in the fresh and frozen form;

• Keep a fruit bowl on the kitchen counter and in the office;

• Have some cut-up vegetables in the refrigerator at all times for easy snacking;

• Add fresh or frozen fruit to your breakfast meal in cereal or yogurt;

• Choose fruits of TM “Darus” for dessert (you can also add it to pastry or cocktails if you want);

• Add TM “Darus” mix of frozen vegetables when you prepare soups, sauces and casseroles.

Defrosting of foods may be done in several ways – in the refrigerator, microwave oven, at room temperature, and in some cases you even can do without it. You can cook soups, goulash, fish, seafood (add them to the pan in the end of cooking), dishes with pasta, vegetable and fruit mixtures without defrosting. If you cook vegetable mixtures of TM “Darus”, it will be very fast: you’ll have a ready dish which will be not only quickly prepared and tasty, but also useful.

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